The painting just outside my door...

Friday, April 1, 2011


My doll! Made by the talented women in Hanna's Co-op (Peace Corps Volunteer, Marrakesh region)

On the rare occasion when the internet is willing to upload pictures I plunge into my messy folders and randomly select a few moments to share. I've been in Morocc0 for 21 months now and although my intention was to write; I've found myself retreating into a space of uncertainty and cloudiness lately. Its not a bad space, its actually a familiar one; its a reminder of what's to come. Another transition is near, but my eyes have not adjusted yet... it's blurry, like I'm an outsider looking into myself now a days. Like "my doll" in the photo above, its a symbol of me... but what's inside is not clear,
I just know that it's way more than fluff...

Craft fair in Marrakesh.
This is the first time Aicha has been to the most famous of Morrocan cities. I'd like to thank my friend
Iva Lee Smith for donating the transportation funds which allowed Aicha to attend this craft fair. A grand opportunity for the Association to sell their Rustic Rugs!

Cultural Exchange; its happens on the daily here. But on this day it was tastier than ever. Empanadas! I can't say if they are Colombian, Dominican or Argentinian, I can only say that the women loved them and with all the food that they have shared with me, making these with them was a tiny tasty token of my affection (especially towards stuffed dough!)

Sadaqa - One of the principles of Islam - sharing / giving (charity) to the less fortunate. The women made a Cous Cous lunch for the whole village.

My awesome neighbors and their tasty kabobs...yum


the kids in their holiday best (leid kabir)

the single ladies of Baknou!

color combination success!

processing the wool...all by hand

no day care center here... bring your child to work day is everyday in the village. Ijelas has been immersed in the weaving culture since she was in her mothers womb. She will be sustaining her family's craft (inshallah)

So the internet has spoken, I cannot upload more images at the moment, but I am grateful to have shared these as they are a true reflection of my experience here.
until next time...